Where Good Ideas Come From

posted by Bryan Allain — November 8, 2012 — 9 Comments

Someone asked me last week where the name Community Wins came from and I didn’t have a good answer. (I think I was on a domain name registration website trying different combinations when it came to me.)

I do, however, know exactly where the name for my first book, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo, came from.

It came from a pile of bad ideas.

How do I know? Because I still have the notebook page.

Yup, this was the page I used to brainstorm names for my blogging book back in the summer of 2011 when it was just a twinkle in my eye.

Look at some of those gems.

My Blog is Me - What does that even mean?

A Blog That Wins Trophies –  How about a book name that DOESN’T win trophies?

Your Best Blog Now! – Hey, it worked for Joel Osteen.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog – CONFESSION: I still like this one.

Blog90X – I see no potential lawsuits with this one. None at all.

Blog is my Co-Pilot – This must have been when the LSD started kicking in.

Blogging Plus – Blogging plus what?

Blog Like You Mean It – I actually thought this was the one for a few hours.

31 Days to Making Your Blog as Awesome as You Are - Not for the humble among us, that’s for sure.

and then there it is near the bottom. You might even miss it if you weren’t paying attention.

31 Days to Finding Your True Voice, Your Core Fans, and Your Blogging Swagger/Mojo

That title was one of a few I sent to Ben Arment, my Dream Year mentor at the time, and he helped me shave it down to what it is today:

31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo

Where do good ideas come from?

They come from a pile of bad ideas.

So don’t be afraid of the bad ideas. They don’t exist to shame you, embarrass you, or make you look stupid.

They exist to help you find the good ones.

Bryan Allain

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