The One Habit That Will Make Your Blog Prolific

posted by Bryan Allain — January 28, 2013 — 52 Comments

The following is a guest post from Andy Traub, the author of the new book, Early To Rise: Learn to rise early in 30 days.

You bought the Macbook Pro, distraction free word processor, a subsription to Spotify for inspiring music, created a blogging calendar, went to Bryan’s Killer Tribes Conference and have listened to the audio every day since.

You’re a blogger, or at least you’re supposed to be. Your blogging production has been dismal for as long as you can remember because you don’t have time to write about the great ideas that you’ve got scribbled in the $14 Moleskine you bought.

Adding one habit to your life will help you achieve the blog you know you’re capable of writing. You need more time and last I checked they’re not making any more of it.

If you really want to be a successful blogger then you need to write more and write more often. If you’re not as successful as you want to be then do something about it. The single habit that changed my business and the rest of my life was learning to wake up early.

Let’s be clear on something, I hate waking up early but I love being up early. My kids are 5, 3 and 15 months old so if I want to get any writing done while I’m at home I have two options. Wake up early (around 5:30am) or stay up late.

Have you ever stayed up late with the intention of finishing some work but then watched TV instead? That doesn’t happen at 5:30am. Have you ever fallen asleep working late at night? That doesn’t happen at 5:30am. Have you ever sat down to write and been tempted to check Twitter, email or your site analytics? That doesn’t happen (as much) at 5:30am.

How to Build an Early Riser Habit

If you want to build a habit of rising early you need three things.

1. A purpose – No one wakes up late for a flight to Mexico to go on vacation. Give yourself a purpose for rising early unique from the rest of your day. Make the time special and selfish. It’s just for you.

2. A bed time – You will not get up early if you stay up late. You’ll never regret going to bed at 9:30pm but almost every time you go to bed at 1am you do regret it. Go to bed earlier.

3. A plan – Buy a good alarm clock app (Sleep Cycle or Rise Alarm). Set up your coffee maker the kick on early. Buy some sweet slippers to wear when you get out of bed. Set out a book and something to write with and on at your favorite spot in the living room. Equip yourself to have a productive morning.

If you say you need more time then get up earlier. Morning hours are usually twice as productive as late night hours. I’ve added 10 hours a week to my creative work since starting this habit. That’s 520 hours a year, an extra 13 40-hour work weeks.

You say you need more time to blog?

Learn to rise early and watch your writing radically improve.

Andy Traub is a full time podcaster and founder of the Take Permission Media Network. He’s the author of Early To Rise: Learn to rise early in 30 days. Every copy of his book includes the full audio edition as well as 30 days of email encouragement. You can learn more about his book at

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