Announcing More Killer Tribes Speakers

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The Killer Tribes Conference is less than five weeks away and today I’m excited to announce a few fantastic speakers we are adding to the already great lineup!

It’s my privilege to share that we’ll be joined in Atlanta on March 23rd by three new amazing speakers: Brad Lomenick, Marlee Ward, and Craig Jarrow!

Brad Lomenick is the executive director of the Catalyst Conference and the author of the upcoming book, The Catalyst Leader (Thomas Nelson, April 2013).

He’s passionate about the principles of leadership and he loves equipping and inspiring influencers to continue to make a difference.

Marlee Ward is a business coach, marketing mastermind, and speaker who lives to help entrepreneurs increase their income and their impact by building profitable businesses that serve others.

She writes practical, easy-to-apply, savvy business and marketing tips designed to help you grow your business (and your bottom line) at

Craig Jarrow is an expert in the field of time management, goal setting, and organization having taught on the subject at a wide variety of companies including The Home Depot, The U.S. Navy, and

His passion is to empower people to take control of their lives by teaching them about the skills, habits, and tools the most successful people in business are using today.

These three speakers join an already dynamic lineup of presenters that will inspire, encourage, and empower you to take your growing tribe to the next level.

Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a leader, the connections you make at Killer Tribes while learning from folks like John Saddington, Ben Arment, and Crystal Paine will propel you into making 2013 your best year yet. Grab your ticket now and join us on March 23rd in Atlanta!

For more info: The 2013 Killer Tribes Conference

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