2013 Killer Tribes Conference

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Keynotes from:

  • Crystal Paine (@moneysavingmom) – The 5 B’s of Building Your Tribe
  • Kristen Howerton (@kristenhowerton) – Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Boundaries on the Web
  • John Saddington (@saddington) – Leading an Extraordinary Tribe Through Innovation
  • Ben Arment (@benarment) – How to Become the Leader of Your Own Free World
  • Brad Lomenick (@bradlomenick) – The Making of a Movement
  • Marlee Ward (@marleeward) – The Secret to Leading a Loyal Tribe
  • Bryan Allain (@bryanallain) – Put Down the Treasure Map

Also featuring:

  • Breakout #1 – How to Actually Make a Living as a Writer (Jason Boyett & Shawn Smucker)
  • Breakout #2 – Strategic Affiliate Marketing Tactics for Bloggers (Jessica Turner)
  • Breakout #3 – Being Productive as a Self-Employed Creative (Tripp Crosby)

And two great panel discussions from the conference:

  • Panel #1 – The Journey of Writing a Book (Shawn Smucker, Amena Brown, Mathew Paul Turner, & Scott McClellan)
  • Panel #2 – Productivity and Time Management (Craig Jarrow, Amy Andrews, & Ken Coleman)

PLUS, as a part of today’s FLASH SALE you’ll also get…

  • BONUS #1 – An interview with Crystal Paine – How she grew to over 100K readers, when you shoud create a product, two things she would tell everyone who is building a tribe, and how to get the attention of the people that inspire you. (Recorded 05/12, run time 25:35, also available in 2012 Conf. Package)
  • BONUS #2 – An interview with Jon Acuff – How he went from his day job at Auto-Trader to his dream job, the one thing that kills more dreams than anything else, and how to use your day job as a launching place for your dream job. (Recorded 05/11, run time 32:45, also available in 2012 Conf. Package)
  • BONUS #3 – This is NOT a Treasure Map by Bryan Allain – Based on Bryan’s talk from the 2013 Killer Tribes Conference, this short book on frustration, failure, and success will take you 15 minutes to read, but just might redefine the way you look at your creative work. (PDF format)

YOU GET ALL THIS: Over 7 hours of audio, plus Bryan’s new book, all for just $59!

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